Pedestrian Accidents in New York City Account for more than 50 Percent of all Fatal Traffic Accidents

September 21, 2011
By Ronai & Ronai, LLP on September 21, 2011 12:47 PM |

Pedestrian accidents in New York City accounted for more than half of all fatal traffic-related accidents from 2005 to 2009, according to the New York City Department of Transportation.
The rest of the country is experiencing alarming rates of fatal pedestrian accidents as well. According to a recent study conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety that looked at of 7,000 reports of accidents that resulted in serious injury or death to pedestrians, there were more than 4,000 pedestrians that were fatally injured in 2009 because of traffic-related accidents in the U.S. Close to 60,000 pedestrians were injured in these types of incidents.

The AAA study concluded that the risk of an accident is directly correlated with the speed of the vehicle. Therefore, the study has concluded that reduce the speed of motorists is one way to help decrease the risks of these serious accidents.

Our New York pedestrian accident lawyers understand that the New York City Department of Transportation is looking into ways to reduce these types of accidents as well. One of the ways that the DOT is approaching is the Pedestrian Safety Report and Action Plan. This plan started with the analysis of more than 7,000 accident reports in an attempt to find the underlying causes. The DOT is then using this information to find ways to make roadways safer for everyone.

Important findings of New York City's Pedestrian Safety Report and Action Plan:

  • Traffic accidents in the City cost the local economy nearly $4.5 billion a year.

  • Pedestrians are about 10 times more likely to be killed on our roadways than an occupant of a motor vehicle in the event of an accident.

  • Driver inattention was a top contributor in nearly 40 percent of accidents in which a pedestrian was seriously injured or killed.

  • Nearly 30 percent of fatal pedestrian accidents were the result of a driver failing to yield.

  • Pedestrian-vehicle accidents are about twice as deadly as any other type of accident.

  • Pedestrian accidents are about 70 percent deadlier on major street corridors in comparison to smaller local streets.

  • Most drivers in New York are unaware of the 30 mph standard speed limit.

  • Roughly 80 percent of pedestrian-car accidents that seriously injure or kill pedestrians involve a male driver.

  • Nearly 80 percent of serious or fatal accidents that involve a vehicle and a pedestrian involve a private vehicle, not a bus, a truck or a taxi.

  • Manhattan has four times more serious pedestrian accidents per mile than any of the other four major boroughs.

  • More than 40 percent of pedestrians who were killed in Manhattan were residents of other boroughs or lived outside of the city.

Department of Transportation officials have analyzed the data and have a few different ways that they think they can help to reduce the risks of these serious accidents:

-Fix up approximately 60 miles of New York City streets and engineer them with more pedestrian-safe features. The selection of these areas will correspond with specific accident data.
-Pedestrian countdown signals will be installed at roughly 1,500 intersections.
-Twenty intersections will be reconstructed to increase safety for pedestrians.
-Pilot programs will be conducted to test out 20 mph speed limits in specific neighborhoods.
-Pilot programs will be conducted in an attempt to improve the visibility of left-hand turns for those along avenues in Manhattan.

According to Transportation for America, New York's most dangerous metro areas for pedestrians are as follows (from 2000 to 2009):

-New York/Northern New Jersey-Long Island: 3,485 deaths.
-Buffalo-Niagara Falls: 163 deaths.
-Rochester: 122 deaths.
-Syracuse: 93 deaths.
-Albany-Schenectady-Troy: 92 deaths.

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